Deya Broadcasting Network (
DBN) is an inspirational channel broadcasting through PAS10 to home in the whole continent of Africa.  Even in the remote area as long as there is electricity and solar energy. 

Our frequency of PAS10 is 12562, Polarisation Horizontal, Symbol Rate 26657 and FEC ½.  In Africa those who have DS TV satellite, multi-choice satellite and any other satellite can watch DBN by typing our frequency. 

In Europe we are broadcasting on Sky Digital Platform through Acqiva in Europe Bird which is reaching millions of homes.  DBN has got anointed ministers of the gospel, interviews, movies, gospel music with professional artist, youth programmes and it is our plans to broadcast news.

Archbishop Gilbert Deya

Pastor Amos Deya

Sister Mucha Zungunde

Pastor Femi Emmanuel Hezekiah
Pastor James Munga

Pastor Giovanni Ghidotti